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There are so many antivirus services available that actually claim to be offering free online scanning tools. However, it mostly turns out that only a few of them are based on cloud services.

As for some others, they function efficiently without the need for software installation or even a download.

Meanwhile, there is the ESET Scanner which is a decreased version of the complete ESET security suite. It is a download only scanner that offers accuracy without errors while trying to identify infections.

What Is The ESET Scanner?

Generally, the ESET scanner is a malware removal tool that is available online. It is a service for the online scanning of PCs for Trojans and viruses.

It easily identifies spyware and goes further to destroy security threats found. It is mostly considered to be an optional version of the prominent ESET internet security that is also known as Nod32 desktop application.

This scanner is highly capable of naming and locating suspicious files, and while it takes about thirty minutes to do so, it completes and intensely explores the operating memory, local drives, and the auto-start location.

The scanner allows users to delete or possibly quarantine infections seen; however, this is not an alternative in some other virus scanners.

Meanwhile, it requires a specific window app for the scanner to function. If the app is not downloaded, the scanner cannot be utilized.

Additionally, Nod32 antivirus databases are always available on the internet, and all a user requires is a stable connection on the internet for scanning purposes.

Main Features Of The ESET Scanner

Some of the vital features of the scanner include;

  • It can cope with the most Trojan and malware types
  • Deep scanning of a hard drive, auto start, memory and boot sectors are executed
  • It easily detects phishing sites and the spyware applications on phones
  • It makes use of loud online malware detection innovation for its operations
  • The antivirus carries out a one-time scan without the need of installing any additional software on a user?s PC.

Steps To Download The Online Scanner

To Download the ESET online scanner, these steps should be followed. They include;

  • Users should go to the web antivirus page
  • Hit the Scan Now button. A unique module will start downloading on the PC. Its size is about 7MB
  • After downloading, launch it and simply proceed to agree to the terms and conditions of antivirus usage

Settings Of The Nod32 Online Scanner

In the Nod32 settings, users are allowed to enable prospective undesirable apps detection.

While it is not demanded, as a rule, the activation alone can easily trigger a false alarm. Although it will not result in any damage, it will only make users check their applications twice in case the alarm was for a virus.

For every other scanner setting, they are to be left untouched by users. Users are advised to hit on the scan button simply.

Benefits Of ESET Scanner

The scanner offers strong safety perks for users PC that is entirely free of charge. However, Some of the benefits of using the scanner include;

  • It swiftly detects and proceeds to remove viruses. The viruses may be unknown or known. This helps to keep the PC safe from Trojans, spyware, phishing, worms and more.
  • With a simple click, it easily scans computers
  • The scanner is updated regularly to offer the best security to users. It has the latest heuristic algorithm detection and threat signatures from the threat lab of ESET
  • The scanner goes deeper to fish out hidden threats covered in old files.

To Wrap It Up

The scanner can be used more than once even with its one-time spyware and antivirus removal tool. It does not need virus bases updates because it is completely free. Users will enjoy making use of this scanner.