ESET Parental Control

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Basically, parental control enables parents to restrict how their kids make use of electronic devices easily. These restrictions can take the form of;

  • Monitoring the track location and activity of devices
  • Usage controls placing time limits
  • Computer usage management which restricts or even enforces the use of software
  • Content filters that block access to age-inappropriate or contents that are objectionable

Parents go the extra mile to control what their kids do on the internet and with their phones for so many reasons.

Even though computers have gradually become a primary part of a child’s life due to homework and diverse activities, online predators are still on the loose.

These predators are found in chat rooms and even social pages. There are times where your searches that are meant to be innocent turn out to have not so innocent results.

Parents have no choice than to protect their kids from internet predators and every inappropriate content that can be found online. In doing so, the best application they use is ESET Parental control.

What Is The ESET Parental Control?

Generally, the ESET parental control for Android helps to protect kids from dangerous threats on smart mobile devices.

Its application is practically a stand-alone Android application fully merged with the My ESET portal. This helps parents to track and easily adjust the online activities of their kids.

It helps to restrict children from having free access to inappropriate web contents. While the app was not made to be used by kids, it is structured to enable a flexible and responsible interaction.

With it, kids have the choice to request access to the particular content they need. And, parents track their activity and react swiftly to the kid’s request.

This can be done through the parental portal or the Android device. The Android device can be used only if they have ESET parental control set up as well.

Features Of The ESET Parental Control

Some of the vital features of the parental control include;

  • It has an application guard that offers parents with peace of mind as it shows the ideal apps for kids strictly based on the kid’s age group. With this, age-inappropriate apps are instantly blocked.
  • It has a feature whereby parents can set time limits daily for the apps of their choice. While playing games and enhancing online skills are vital, family activities are also essential
  • It enables kids to explore the web without any free access to contents that are inappropriate for kids. Parents will only have to input the age of their kids, and the categories like pornography and gambling are instantly blocked.
  • It helps to reveal the location of a child’s device. This decreases anxiety when kids forget to call or text their parents.
  • The parental control can easily be installed and set up due to the child/parent setup wizard feature.


With this parental control application, it is easy to sign up a new account that is used to access the statistics and settings of kids? devices comfortably from a computer, phone or a tablet.

With the parental portal, parents can view reports, manage rules and find out more about the optimization problems on their kids’ devices.