Avira Phantom VPN

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With so many dangers out there on the internet today, every individual is searching for the VPN that protects their information. People are looking no further than Avira Phantom VPN.

Avira phantom VPN has users? personal documents on lockdown and keeps account login data, passwords and every other highly sensitive information private.

The VPN software of the Avira Phantom makes use of a VPN protocol simply known as Openvpn. With OpenVPN, users? traffic is coded via 256-bit AES coding.

Basically, users browsing information are hidden from advertisers. With this, advertisers cannot monitor the site’s users visit and don’t know where the user lives.

Avira Phantom helps users get around geo-restrictions easily. Through this, users can easily visit websites at any point in time, anywhere and they will not have the government telling them that some sites are off their limits.

With Avira phantom, individuals can make use of any internet service without running into risks of their ISP stifling their connection.

Features of the Avira Phantom VPN

  • It utilizes Openvpn

It makes use of the industry standard open VPN and provides AES 256-bit encryption. Currently, this is the best an individual can purchase with money. It might interest you to note that banks make use of the open VPN

This goes to show that it is highly secure. Reports are going around that not even a brute force attack can successfully hack into this VPN.

Furthermore, the 256-bit code entails diverse layers of protection and with this, modern computers of today will use up about 13.8 billion years to break the encryption.

This OpenVPN protocol is used in Android apps, Mac and even windows. If downloaded from the Appstore, it is known as IPSec while iOS devices make use of Ikev2.

  • The absence of DNS, WebRTC and IP leaks

It is not just to have a state of the art technology, but having it actually to work is what makes the VPN great.

While VPNs are meant to hide users? location like most of them do, the poor VPNs are still highly vulnerable to the frequent DNS leak. This ultimately gives off the exact location of the user to the globe.

For the phantom VPN, there are no leaks in the system. The location of users is highly secure and hidden.

  • Simple VPN software

Avira phantom has an easy-to-use VPN software. With the downloaded VPN client, users get free access to the complete Avira dashboard.

While it is ideal if the user needs to make use of other services, it is quite a hassle if a user is only seeking out for a secure VPN.

A client easily takes a seat in the network tray and have a smooth connection launch once startup commences. Users also have the choice to opt out of transferring diagnostic information back to Avira.

To switch the location of your server, the user does not have to disconnect totally from his or her current location.

All that is needed is to click on a totally different server, and the application will instantly link to a new one. It is a seamless experience.

  • Infinite Devices

This free VPN tier enables roughly five connections simultaneously. This is exciting as some of the paid VPNs only allow three at once.

However, using the paid plan of Avira, users are given free access to infinite devices. Basically, the VPN does not have additional features that other VPNs have , but it does its basics pretty well.

To Wrap It Up

Users can easily browse anonymously on the internet while using the Avira Phantom VPN. It hides the users? real IP address and makes it seem like the IP address of a totally different person.

With this, no one can track sites the users will visit, and it prevents private information from being taken and ultimately exploited.